AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 21 – ZAxploitation

No country seems more ripe for a blaxploitation movement than South Africa. The guys watch the instantly banned ground breaker Joe Bullet (1973) and also sample several films from the so-called “B scheme”. Was it a backdoor to making statement films or just another way for the apartheid government to maintain control? Films discussed: Joe … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 21 – ZAxploitation

AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast Episode 2 – The Top 250 revisited part 1

Episode 2 – The Top 250 part 1 | The guys undergo the thankless and daunting task of revisiting their own opinions from 9 years ago when they comb through the community approved AOBG Top 250 Action Films of All Time! How many baffling choices will they come across? Are some of these films … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast Episode 2 – The Top 250 revisited part 1