AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 34 – James Bond goes West

This week the guys check out the sole western outings of two actors best known for playing James Bond: Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Those films are Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) with Roger Moore and Shalako (1968) with Sean Connery. It’s safe to say there is a reason westerns aren’t what the two … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 34 – James Bond goes West

AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast – Above & Beyond the Law episode 4

It is another episode of the career spanning Steven Seagal deep dive examining his entire career going through it chronologically and in reverse chronological order, one double feature at the time. This time it is Seagal’s mob epic/one long day movie Out for Justice and a film that makes everyone question if the project is … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast – Above & Beyond the Law episode 4

AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 27 – PyunBoxer

27 – PyunBoxer | The guys watch Albert Pyun’s two sequels to the JCVD film Kickboxer; Kickboxer 2: The Road Back and Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor, as they were both nominated for the Action top 250 by Stein. Are they worthy action classics or did Stein just nominate a ton of Pyun films because … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 27 – PyunBoxer