GoldenEye (1995): Body Count Breakdown

GoldenEye (1995) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by Rorschach94)


James Bond/007 (Pierce Brosnan): 59
Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen): 15
Alec Trevelyan/Janus (Sean Bean): 7
General Arkady Ourumov (Gottfried John): 6


Arkangelsk: 8
-Alec shoots 1 Soviet scientist
-Alec shoots 6 Soviet soldiers
-Ourumov shoots 1 of his own men

Runway Escape: 17
-Bond shoots 15 Soviet soldiers
-Bond shoots 1 soldier riding a motorcycle while on the plane
-Bond throws the pilot onto the runway, causing him to be hit by a Soviet motorcycle

U.S.S. Manticore: 1
-Xenia chokes Admiral Farrell with her thighs

Stealing the Helicopter: 2
-Xenia shoots the co-pilot
-Xenia shoots Captain Jaleert

Severnaya: 12
-Xenia shoots the Russian major
-Xenia shoots 2 Russian soldiers, Anna, and 8 technicians

Activating GoldenEye: 3
-Ourumov activates the GoldenEye satellite, causing the shockwave to blow up 3 Russian MiGs, killing their pilots

Russian Embassy: 14
-Ourumov shoots Defense Minister Pushkin
-Ourumov shoots Pushkin’s bodyguard
-Bond shoots 12 Russian soldiers

Train: 3
-Bond blows up the front of the train with a tank missile, killing the 2 engineers
-Bond shoots Ourumov

Forest: 2
-Bond shoots Xenia’s pilot, causing the helicopter to pull Xenia into a tree, breaking her back

Satellite Dish Base: 22
-Bond shoots 2 terrorists
-Bond blows up a gas tank with the pen, causing a series of explosions that kill 6 technicians and 11 terrorists
-1 terrorist and 2 techs shown dead afterwards, killed by the explosions caused by Bond

“For England, James?”, “No, for me!”: 2
-Bond jams the dish’s antennae, causing it to explode and kill 1 terrorist in the elevator earlier knocked out by Bond
-Bond drops Alec off the satellite and he is crushed when it falls on him

“Yes! I am invincible!”: 1
-Boris is frozen in liquid nitrogen, caused by Bond destroying the base


-During the Moscow chase, several cars are crushed, but the occupants are seen getting out. Likewise, Ourumov’s driver hits several civilians but he’s not going fast enough to kill them, “Use the bumper, that’s what it’s for!”