The AOBG Action 101

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Welcome to the AllOuttaBubbleGum Action 101 Lists compiled by the staff and community members.

This project began in the summer of 2010, wherein our forum members were encouraged to make a list of their own personal Top 100 action, adventure, war-action and western-action films, which in turn would be ‘banked’ for submission to a full list of candidates comprised of every volunteer’s selections, to then be voted on to find the best of the best. The results of those efforts shall hence forth be solidified here, wherein the list shall be updated each year*.

Some Notes: The first number is, of course, the rank out-of 100 and the number in brackets immediately following the film’s (Year and Director) is the average rating between 1 and 10. The former being Irredeemably Awful and the latter being The Personification Of Badass.

Those whose average score’s tied with another (and there are many…) were listed alphabetically, in descending order, as opposed to sharing a slot and mucking up the list something terrible.

The 2010 List

The 2011 List

The 2012 List

The 2013 List

The 2014 List

For discussion on The AOBG Action 100: Click HERE.

* Anyone who wishes to participate in the upcoming formation of the 2024 List, simply click the following picture to find out how… Thanks ~RANTBO

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