The Dirty Dozen (1967) Body Count Breakdown

The Dirty Dozen (1967) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Robert Jefferson (Jim Brown): 148
Joseph Wladislaw (Charles Bronson): 8
Milo Vladek (Tom Busby): 8
Sergeant Clyde Bowren (Richard Jaeckel): 6
Major John Reisman (Lee Marvin): 5
Vernon Pinkley (Donald Sutherland): 2
Victor Franco (John Cassavetes): 2
Glenn Gilpen (Ben Carruthers): 2
Roscoe Lever (Stuart Cooper): 2
Tassos Bravos (Al Mancini): 2
Archer J. Maggott (Telly Savalas): 1
Seth Sawyer (Colin Maitland): 1


Execution: 1
-Private Gardner is hanged by a MP

Parachuting In: 1
-Jiminez breaks his neck in a tree offscreen

Guard Hut: 5
-Vladek stabs 1 German soldier
-Gilpen stabs 1 soldier
-Wladislaw shoots 2 officers and their driver

Chateau: 184
-Maggott stabs the German woman
-Wladislaw shoots the radio operator
-Gilpen blows up the radio tower with grenades, sacrificing himself in the explosion
-Pinkley shoots 2 German soldiers
-Pinkley is shot by a soldier
-Bowren shoots the soldier who killed Pinkley
-Jefferson shoots Maggott
-Wladislaw shoots 1 officer
-Reisman shoots 1 officer
-Franco shoots 1 soldier, causing him to fall off the belltower
-Vladek shoots 2 officers and 5 waiters offscreen
-Lever shoots 1 soldier with the heavy MG
-Vladek is shot by a sniper
-Wladislaw shoots the sniper, causing him to fall out of his window
-Franco shoots 1 soldier who was earlier wounded by Bowren
-Lever shoots up a car, causing it to crash and killing the driver
-Bowren shoots the gunner
-Jefferson shoots 1 sniper, causing him to fall from his window
-Jefferson is shot by a soldier while running to the truck
-Jefferson’s grenades in the air vents mixed with the gasoline and other grenades blow up the chateau, killing 146 German officers and women in the bunker
-Reisman and Bowren shoot the soldier who killed Jefferson
-Bravos shoots 2 soldiers riding a motorcycle
-Bravos is shot by the soldiers
-Sawyer shoots 1 soldier
-Sawyer and Lever are shot by a soldier
-Bowren shoots the soldier who killed Sawyer and Lever
-Reisman, Wladislaw, and Bowren shoot 2 soldiers in an armoured car
-Reisman shoots the gunner, causing him to fall into the water
-Franco is shot by a soldier during the escape


-During the bridge fight, the undersides of 2 trucks are blown up, but the soldiers inside appear to be fine.
-It is very likely that Posey was killed along with Bravos, but it’s not shown.
-There were possibly more Germans inside the bunker when it exploded, but only the ones who were running in the main hall and bunker entrance are confirmed.