Innerspace (1987) Body Count Breakdown

Innerspace (1987) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Lieutenant Tuck Pendleton (Dennis Quaid): 1
Mr. Igoe (Vernon Wells): 1


We Need That Syringe: 1
-The one-handed Mr. Igoe shoots the fleeing Ozzie using a gun disguised as a cosmetic hand with a pointing finger

Here’s How I Spell Relief: 1

-Shrunken inside of Jack, Tuck drops the equally shrunken Mr. Igoe into Jack’s stomach where he gets digested



-Of interest is the fact the final version of the film is exceptionally toned down from what was in the script, which had lots more violence and killing. For instance:

-In the film, the robbers breaking into Vectorscope only spray the scientists with knockout gas; in the script, they line them up against the wall and shoot them with machine guns.

-In the film, both of Scrimshaw’s other goons survive; in the script, they get blown up in a helicopter whilst chasing Jack and Lydia.

-One assumes that with the casting of Martin Short as Jack, the film took on a far more comic tone and thus the violence had to be toned down. Another reason, at least in the case of the never-filmed helicopter chase, is that probably the Oscar-worthy special effects depicting the inside of a human body ate up a great deal of the budget, and a helicopter chase sequence and ensuing destruction of one would’ve been too expensive.