Kull The Conqueror (1997) Body Count Breakdown

Kull The Conqueror (1997) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Kull (Kevin Sorbo): 25
King Borna (Sven-Ole Thorsen): 6
General Taligaro (Thomas Ian Griffith): 5
Akivasha (Tia Carrere): 1
Ascalante (Litefoot): 1


The New King: 7
-Borna kills 6 of his children offscreen (we see their bodies)
-Kull kills Borna

Assassination Attempt: 3
-Kull kills 2 assassins
-Taligaro kills 1 assassin

Akivasha’s Prisoner: 1

-Kull kills Zuleki by wrapping a rope around his neck and then hanging him when the dungeon door closes

Saving Zareta: 14
-Dalgar is revealed to have been killed to wear Kull’s funeral armor and pose as his corpse
-Kull kills Mandara
-Kull kills 5 Dragon Legion soldiers
-Kull knocks a Dragon Legion soldier to his death
-Kull kills 6 more Dragon Legion soldiers

Ship Battle: 1
-Kull breaks the slave driver’s neck with his own whip

The Isle of Ice: 16
-Dragon Legion soldiers kill 2 of Kull’s crew
-Taligaro kills 2 of Kull’s crew
-Kull kills 5 Dragon Legion soldiers
-Ascalante (mostly accidentally) knocks 1 Dragon Legion soldier into the “frozen zone” where he’s turned to ice
-Taligaro kills Ascalante
-The bodies of 5 of Kull’s crew are shown floating in the water

Ducalon’s Rebellion: 1

-Akivasha kills Ducalon by burning a hole in his forehead, then knocking him out a window where he explodes

The Kiss of Death: 3

-Kull stabs Taligaro with his own dagger, then kills him with his axe
-Kull knocks Enaros into the Flame of Acheron
-Kull kisses Akivasha and destroys her with the Breath of Valka


-Juba and his crew get thrown overboard in the ship battle and left in the middle of the ocean, but we don’t see any of them drown.
-Many more of Kull’s crew were killed by the Dragon Legion during the ice cave battle, but most of the fighting happens in the background.