The Guns of Navarone (1961): Body Count Breakdown

The Guns of Navarone (1961): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Colonel Andrea Stavros (Anthony Quinn): 34
Corporal Dusty Miller (David Niven): 31
Private Spyros Pappadimos (James Darren): 18
Captain Keith Mallory (Gregory Peck): 4
Private Casey “Butcher” Brown (Stanley Baker): 1
Maria Pappadimos (Irene Papas): 1
Major Roy Franklin (Anthony Quayle): 1
German Officer (Bob Simmons): 1


Ship Battle: 10
-Pappadimos shoots 3 German sailors
-Franklin shoots 1 German sailor
-Andrea makes 1 German sailor shoot another one
-Andrea then makes him shoot the patrol boat captain
-Andrea shoots that German with his own gun
-Mallory blows up 1 German sailor with a grenade
-1 German sailor shown falling overboard on fire due to Mallory’s grenades
-Pappadimos shoots the final sailor, whom Brown didn’t kill

Scaling the Cliffs: 1

-Andrea stabs the German soldier and throws him off the cliff

Fish in a Barrel: 3
-Andrea shoots 3 German soldiers with his sniper rifle

Escaping: 2
-Andrea shoots 2 German soldiers

Stealing the Truck: 1
-Andrea shoots the German soldier in the back of the truck

Entering Navarone: 1
-Pappadimos stabs 1 German soldier

Uncovering the Traitor: 1
-Maria shoots Anna for being a traitor

Diversions: 8
-2 German soldiers are seen lying dead near a crashed car
-Andrea shoots 2 Germans who rush to help those near the car
-Andrea blows up a truck with 2 Germans in the cab

Infiltrating the Gun Cave: 2
-Mallory shoots the 2 German soldiers on guard duty

Stealing the Boat: 2
-Brown stabs the German sailor
-The dying German sailor stabs Brown back

More Diversions: 29
-Andrea blows up an armored car containing at least 3 Germans (driver and two guys poking out of the turret)
-Pappadimos shoots 12 German soldiers
-Pappadimos and a German officer shoot each other
-Andrea blows up 7 Germans with a grenade
-Andrea shoots 1 German on an armored car
-Andrea blows up 7 more Germans with a grenade

Swimming to the Boat: 2
-Andrea shoots 2 German soldiers manning a searchlight

Blowing the Guns: 31

-Miller’s bomb kills a total of 31 seen Germans; the general, 16 gunners, 3 gunnery crew members and 11 control room personnel


-We don’t know exactly what the team did with the other two Germans when they stole the truck on the road. Either they killed them or left them tied up. It’s impossible to say.
-It honestly looks like the second guard at the roadblock was only knocked out by Andrea, and he could’ve survived the short fall off the bridge.
-Hundreds more Germans were in the gun cave and surrounding fortress when it exploded but I only counted the ones visible before or during the actual explosion.