AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 21 – ZAxploitation

No country seems more ripe for a blaxploitation movement than South Africa. The guys watch the instantly banned ground breaker Joe Bullet (1973) and also sample several films from the so-called “B scheme”. Was it a backdoor to making statement films or just another way for the apartheid government to maintain control? Films discussed: Joe … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 21 – ZAxploitation

AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 20 – Hell up in Harlem

The guys continue Blaxploitation February by taking a trip across 110th street and into Harlem to examin two different takes on a duo of detective going up against the mob in Harlem: the more comedic Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970), written and directed by civil rights activist Ossie Davis, and the gritty neo noir Across … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast episode 20 – Hell up in Harlem

AllOuttaBubbleGum podcast – Above & Beyond the Law episode 2

Above & Beyond the Law episode 2 – Hard to Kill & General Commander | It is the return of the career spanning Steven Seagal deep dive examining his entire career going through it chronologically and in reverse chronological order, one double feature at the time. This time it is his sophomore effort Hard … Read moreAllOuttaBubbleGum podcast – Above & Beyond the Law episode 2