Four Brothers (2005): Body Count Breakdown

Four Brothers (2005): Body Count by Gregglop09


Bobby Mercer (Mark Whalberg): 6
Angel Mercer (Tyrese Gibson): 2
Jerry Mercer (Andre Benjamin): 1
Det. Fowler (Josh Charles): 1


Tragedy: 2
Thugs shoot the clerk and Evelyn

Car Chase: 2
Bobby executes 1 hitman
Angel executes 1 hitman

House Shoot-Out: 8
Bobby shoots 3 hitmen
Angel shoots 1 hitman
Jerry stabs 1 hitman to death with a kitchen knife
Jack dies from his gunshot wound inflicted by a hitman
Bobby shoots the hitman who shot Jack
Bobby shoots the driver

Betrayal: 1
Fowler shoots Lt. Green

The Truth: 1
Cops shoot Fowler

Final Showdown: 1
Sweet is put in a ice hole and dies (Bobby only knocked him out, so not his kill)