Pray For Death (1985): Body Count Breakdown

Pray For Death (1985): Body Count by Dr. Judas


Akira Saito (Sho Kosugi): 23
The Black Ninja (Sho Kosugi): 15
Limehouse Willie (James Booth): 8


TV Show:15
– The Black Ninja kills 3 ninjas with shurikens
– The Black Ninja stabs 5 ninjas
– The Black Ninja throws his sword into a ninja
– The Black Ninja stabs 5 more ninjas
– The Black Ninja stabs the ninja leader

– Shoji accidentally impales himself on his own sword

– Willie beats Sam to death with a crowbar

Truck Fight:2
– A thug crashes his car killing himself and another thug

Ship Infiltration:2
– Akira chops a thug in the throat, killing him
– Akira breaks a thug´s neck

– Willie stabs a secrurity guard
– Willie stabs Aiko
– Willie strangles a secrurity guard

– Willie shoots Sgt. Daley
– Willie shoots Sgt. Trumble
– Willie shoots an innocent woman

Mansion Fight:17
– Akira stabs 2 thugs
– Akira kills 2 thugs with a bow
– Akira kills 3 thugs with shurikens
– Akira cuts down 6 thugs
– Akira strangles a thug with a garotte
– Akira kills a thug with some kind of spike weapon
– Akira stabs another thug
– Akira kills Mr. Newman with some kind of spike weapon

Warehouse: 5

– Akira cuts down 3 thugs
– Willie accidentally hits on of his own men with an axe
– Akira tosses Willie into a log cutter