Four Brothers (2005) Body Count Breakdown

Four Brothers (2005) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

Bobby Mercer (Mark Wahlberg): 6
Angel Mercer (Tyrese Gibson): 3
El Camino Guy #1 (Richard Chevolleau): 2
Jeremiah “Jerry” Mercer (Andre Benjamin): 1
Detective Fowler (Josh Charles): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Tragedy: 2
El Camino Guy #1 shoots Samir with a shotgun
El Camino Guy #1 shoots Evelyn Mercer with a shotgun off-screen (shown in a surveillance video later on)

“You fucked with the wrong lady”: 2
Angel shoots El Camino Guy #1 in the head
Bobby shoots Stanly in the head

House Shootout: 9
Bobby shoots the hitman who shot Jack with a shotgun
Bobby shoots another hitman with a shotgun
Angel shoots a hitman through a window with dual pistols
Bobby shoots a hitman in the leg with a shotgun then shoots him in the back after he tries to get up
Jerry stabs a hitman to death with a kitchen knife
Angel shoots a hitman then kicks him in the head leaving him to bleed out
Bobby beats a hitman to death with his bare hands after throwing a brick at his head
Jack dies of a gunshot wound inflicted by a hitman
Bobby shoots the last hitman in the head

“What the fuck you wanna say to me?”: 1
Fowler shoots Lt. Green

Standoff: 1
A police sniper shoots Fowler

Final Fight: 1
Sweet’s men put the unconscious Sweet into an ice hole drowning him

[The Final Tally= 16]