Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010): Body Count by Gregglop09


Dastan (Jake Gyllenhall): 26
Tus (Richard Coyle): 5
Zolm (Gisli Orn Garoarsson): 5
Garsiv (Toby Kebbell): 4
Seso (Steve Toussaint): 2
Nazim (Ben Kingsley): 2


Castle Attack: 12
Dastan flips a guard off a railing to his death
Dastan breaks a guard’s back with a wheel turner (you hear the crunch)
Guards kill 6 of Dastan’s Group
Dastan’s Group kill 4 guards

Breaching The Gate: 13
Dastan swords 6 guards
Tus swords 4 guards
Garsiv swords 3 guards

Banquet: 1
Nazim’s poisoned robe kills King Sharaman

Chase: 14
Dastan swords 2 guards
Dastan uses a guard as a shield and he is arrowed by another (shared kill)
Dastan breaks a guard’s neck (you hear the crunch)
Dastan pulls 2 guards down a hole to their deaths
Dastan kills 1 guard with a crossbow
Dastan pulls a tent down, which causes 5 guards to fall off a roof to their deaths
Guards arrow 1 of their own
A guard hits his head on a wall, which causes him to fall to his death

Captured: 2
Zolm unleashes snakes, where they kill 2 people

Village: 3
3 dead bodies

Hassansins Attack: 12
Zolm kills 3 people
Dastan kills 2 Hassanssins
Seso throws an edge of a sword into a Hassassin’s head, killing him
Hassassins kill 5 people
Garsiv kills Tamah
Garsiv dies of his arrow wounds

Seso vs Setam: 2
Seso throws a blade into Setam’s chest, killing him
Seso dies from his knife wounds

Betrayal: 2
Nizam kills Tus (time is reversed and he is brought back to life)
Dastan stabs himself (he comes back)

Final Showdown: 2

Dastan stabs Zolm and he falls down the chazim to his death
Tamina falls to her death (she comes back as well)

Revealing: 3
Dastan swords 2 guards
Tus stabs Nazim