Skyfall Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Skyfall (2012)

Starring Daniel Craig

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Craig kills 26

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Skyfall (2012) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

[Character Kills]

RN Commander James Bond/Agent 007 (Daniel Craig): 26
Tiago Rodriguez/Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem): 14
Patrice (Ola Rapace): 9
Olivia Mansfield/M I (Judi Dench): 2
Kincade (Albert Finney): 2
Gareth Mallory/M II (Ralph Fiennes): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Istanbul: 6
2 MI6 agents are seen shot in their heads by Patrice
Ronson dies from his gunshot wound inflicted by Patrice offscreen (Death is confirmed later)
Patrice shoots 3 cops

“Think on your sins”: 8
Silva hacks into the gas systems inside MI6 Headquarters causing an explosion that kills 8 MI6 agents (Coffins are seen later)

Shanghai: 4
Patrice shoots a security guard
A security guard’s body is seen shot by Patrice
Patrice snipes his target in the back of the head
Bond accidentally let’s go of Patrice’s hand causing him to fall from a building to his death

“Good luck with that”: 1
A komodo dragon bites one of Severine’s bodyguards in the leg, Drags him away and kills him offscreen

“What a waste of good Scotch”: 5
Silva shoots Severine in the head
Bond forces one of Silva’s men to shoot one of Silva’s men
Bond shoots one of Silva’s men
Bond uses one of Silva’s men as a human shield and he is unintentionally shot by one of Silva’s men (Shared)
Bond shoots one of Silva’s men

Escape: 2
2 guards bodies are seen killed by Silva

Courthouse Shootout: 9
Silva’s men shoot 3 security guards
Silva shoots M I’s lawyer
Silva’s men shoot 2 cops
Silva shoots a cop
Mallory shoots one of Silva’s men
Silva shoots a board member

Skyfall Assault: 22
Bond shoots 3 of Silva’s men with The Aston Martin’s machine guns
Bond shoots a bomb with the Aston Martin’s machine guns blowing up one of Silva’s men
Kincade shoots 2 of Silva’s men with a shotgun
Bond’s floorboard dynamite trap blows up one of Silva’s men
M I activates the chandelier dynamite traps blowing up 2 of Silva’s men
Bond shoots 2 of Silva’s men with a shotgun
Bond shoots 2 of Silva’s men
Bond lights a propane tank’s fuse causing it to explode causing a helicopter to crash into Skyfall and explode blowing up 9 of Silva’s men

Getting to M I: 2
Bond kicks one of Silva’s men hard in the face breaking his neck
Bond breaks one of Silva’s men’s neck with his leg underwater

”Last Rat standing” : 2
Silva dies from having a knife thrown into his back by Bond killing him
M I dies from her gunshot wound inflicted by one of Silva’s men

[The Final Tally= 61]