A Hero Never Dies (1998) Body Count Breakdown

A Hero Never Dies [Chan Sam Ying Hung] (1998) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Jack Chiu (Leon Lai) – 53 kills
Martin (Lau Ching Wan) – 8 kills
Mr. Yam (Michael Fong) – 2 kills
Mr. Fong (Yen Shi-Kwan) – 1 kill
Lam Suet – 1 kill
Thai Bodyguard – 3 kills


Roadblock – 9
-3 of Mr. Yam’s bodyguards were shot by thugs
-Jack shoots 1 thug
-A bodyguard shoots 1 thug
-2 more thugs were shot, at least 1 by Jack since he’s shooting with them
-Joe is shot by thugs
-Jack and two other bodyguards shoot at windscreen of rival mob boss’ vehicle, causing the mob boss to fall aside, sticking his head out and decapitate himself

Chalet – 24
-Jack shoots 1 assasin on top of the chalet
-1 dead bodyguard seen outside as soon as Jack leaves
-Jack shoots 1 more assasin, who fell through the roof
-Thai bodyguard shoots 1 assasin
-Jack shoots 2 assasins
-Thai bodyguard shoots 1 assasin
-Lam Suet shoots 1 assasin
-Jack shoots 1 assasin in the corridor outside the room
-Jack shoots 1 assasin hiding behind a mosquitoe net
-Jack shoots 1 more assasin near Mr. Yam
-Martin shoots 4 bodyguards
-Thai bodyguard shoots 1 thug
-Thugs shoot 1 bodyguard
-Martin shoots 2 bodyguards
-Bodyguard shoots 1 assasin
-Assasin shoots 1 bodyguard
-Martin finishes off 1 wounded bodyguard
-Martin shoots Lam
-Mr. Yam accidentally shoots Thai bodyguard

Hospital – 2
-2 corpses seen in a morgue

Club Versaille – 1
-Mr. Fong shoots Fiona

Shack – 3
-Jack stabs Thai hitman in the eye with a broken beer bottle
-Jack shoots Thai hitman point blank into the eye
-Jack guns down burly Thai hitman with dual pistols

“Martin couldn’t wait for your return” – 1
-Martin succumbs to his injuries from being shot by Mr. Yam’s men; his corpse is seen later

Club NASA / Martin’s Back – 41
-Jack shoots 5 thugs on the stairs outside the club
-Jack guns down 19 thugs
-Jack shoots 6 bodyguards in a smoke-filled room
-Jack shoots 6 other bodyguards and Keiji
-Jack shoots lead bodyguard in the head
-Jack finishes off Mr. Fong
-Jack, placing his pistol in the corpse of Martin’s hand, uses it to shoot Mr. Yam
-Jack succumbs from being shot by Mr. Yam earlier


-Jack shoots the fortune teller in the hand, but he is revealed to be alive later on.