Sha jue [Soul of the Sword] (1978) Bodycount Breakdown

Sha jue [Soul of the Sword] (1978) Body Count by luvmetender009


Wu-Ming “Anonymous” (Ti Lung) – 39 kills, 1 imagined
Yen (Norman Chu) – 1 kill
Lu Tien Kang (Ku Feng) – 2 kills, 1 imagined
Greenhorn’s lover (Chen Chi-Lin) – 1 kill


Opening/Challenge – 2
-Lu Tien-Kang kills Greenhorn
-Greenhorn’s lover kills herself with Greenhorn’s blade

“What makes you think you’re worthy of challenging me?” – 9
-Wu-Ming kills 8 swordsmen
-Wu-Ming kills Lung

Bathhouse – 1
-Wu-Ming cuts down Lo-Yang assassin and she fell backwards into a bathtub

Tea house – 8
-Wu-Ming kills the 8 Swordsmen of Kwan-Xi

Restaurant Fight – 3
-Wu-Ming breaks both hunchbacked fighter’s heads by smashing them against a wall (they were never seen getting up, or moving)
-Wu-Ming cuts down lead swordsman

Bamboo Forest / “Like now… someone wants to take you from me!!!” – 13
-Wu-Ming kills 13 of Yan’s swordsmen

Foreshadowing – 1
-Wu-Ming sees himself and Lu Tien Kang killing each other

“Do you know how much I love you?” – 1
-Wu-Ming stabs Ke Lien

Marsh Battle – 1
-Wu-Ming cuts down Lu Tien Kang

The Price of Victory – 3
-Wu-Ming impales Hua-Chang with one of her own swords
-Wu-Ming impales Yen through the thigh and the tip of the blade ends up in Yen’s torso
-Wu-Ming succumbs from being stabbed by Yen earlier


-Wu-Ming beats up and slashes plenty of the Emperor’s minions, but they were all revealed to be alive.
-Wu-Ming break the Shaolin Fighter’s head, but the fighter is seen alive.
-Wu-Ming kicks a lot, a lot of ass.