Ji dao zhui zong [Zodiac Killers] (1991) Bodycount Breakdown

Ji dao zhui zong [Zodiac Killers] (1991) Body Count by luvmetender009


Asano (Junichi Ishida) – 7 kills
Ben Li (Andy Lau) – 1 kill
Asano’s Cousin (Hiroichi Chiba) – 5 kills


“You shouldn’t have come back” – 8
-Asano slash and cut down 6 Yakuzas
-1 Yakuza accidentally fell off a balcony to his own death
-Asano throws his knife into 1 Yakuza’s back

Tragedy / “I’m sorry I have to leave you” – 2
-Tieh-Lan’s mother seen hung to death
-Tieh-Lan’s father is dead in the bathtub, slashed offscreen by the Yakuzas

“I don’t want you to watch me die…” – 1
-Asano succumbs to his wounds (offscreen) after being stabbed. His demise is confirmed in a news report

Train Station – 2
-Bald Yakuza throws Tieh-Lan into the path of an incoming train and she gets run over
-Asano’s cousin shoot 1 Yakuza

Confrontation – 5
-Asano’s cousin shoots a set of stage lights that collapses on 2 Yakuzas, killing 1 of them (the other is shown to be alive later)
-Asano’s cousin throws a dart into bald Yakuza’s neck
-Asano’s cousin shoots 1 Yakuza
-Ben Li shoots Ishikawa
-Asano’s cousin finish off the other Yakuza pinned beneath the stage lights with a single shot

Docks/Farewell – 1
-Asano’s cousin ambushed, run over and impaled by Yakuza thugs