Octopussy (1983): Body Count Breakdown

Octopussy (1983): Body Count by luvmetender009


James Bond (Roger Moore) – 15
Thug with Yo-yo (William Derrick) – 1
Grischka/Twin #2 (Anthony Meyer) – 1


Airstrip – 38
-Missile fired by military crashes into warehouse and blows up 38 soldiers seen before the entire building gets vaporized (though there’s probably 50 something people in it)

East Berlin – 1
-Twin #2 stabs 009

Street Chase – 1
-Bond impales 1 thug on a bed of spikes

Abbatoir – 2
-2 forgers’ corpses seen in sacks

Octopussy’s Island – 3
-Yo-yo thug kills Vijay
-Bond smashes 1 thug into an aquarium, where a blue-ringed octopus get stuck on his face
-Bond throws himself and the yo-yo thug outside into the lake (Bond survives, and the thug is never heard of again so he must’ve drowned)

Discovering Orlov’s Plans – 4
-Bond smash Twin #1’s head with a heavy cannon
-Bond shoots 3 Russians

Border – 1
-General Orlov shot by his own men

“And thats for 009!!!” – 1

-Bond stabs Twin #2

Kamal’s Palace – 5

-Bond shoots 5 guards

Airplane – 2

-Bond drops Gobinda into a valley
-Kamal’s plane crashes, caused by Bond tampering with its fuel line and killing Kamal as result


-Octopussy’s league of female fighters beats up many people, and stuns several thugs with dart guns but didn’t kill anyone.