Moonraker (1979): Body Count Breakdown

Moonraker (1979) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(Previously done by luvmetender009)


James Bond (Roger Moore): 12
Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles): 2
Jaws (Richard Kiel): 2
Chang (Toshiro Suga): 1
Samuel (S. Newton Anderson): 1


Moonraker Hijack: 3

-The Moonraker shuttle is stolen by Drax’s men, causing the transport plane to be blown up, killing the 3 pilots onboard

“This is where we leave you, Mr. Bond”: 1

-Bond fights with the French pilot in midair, grabs his parachute, and kicks him away, causing him to fall to his death

“You missed, Mr. Bond”: 1

-Bond shoots the sniper and he falls off the tree

Terminating Employment: 1
-Chang sets the dogs on Corrine and they devour her

Venice: 2
-Franco is killed by an assassin’s knife
-Bond throws a knife into the assassin

Drax’s Lab: 2
-2 scientists accidentally poisoned with orchid

“Play it again, Sam”: 1
-Bond throws Chang off the clock tower and into a piano

“Hang on!!!”: 1
-Samuel knocks out the cable car operator, leaving him to die when the car crashes into the booth

Cliff: 1
-Bond fights with a faux paramedic and pushes him onto a gurney, causing him to fly out the back of the ambulance and slam into a billboard with heavy force

Amazon: 8
-Bond launches mines, blowing up 3 hitmen on their boat
-Bond launches a mini-torpedo to blow up another boat carrying 3 hitmen
-Jaws accidentally pulls out the steering wheel on his boat, causing it to drive off a waterfall and kill the 2 hitmen onboard

Space Battle: 21
-4 Marines shot by Drax’s henchmen
-Marines shoot 7 henchmen
-1 Marine crashes into the station with quite some force
-1 dead Marine shown floating away
-8 dead henchmen shown

Showdown Aboard the Space Station: 39
-2 Marines are shot by a henchman
-Marines shoot 5 henchmen
-Holly shoots 1 henchman
-8 dead henchmen shown
-1 Marine is killed by an explosion
-Marines shoots 4 henchmen
-1 henchman killed by an explosion
-Holly shoots 1 henchman
-Marines shoot 2 henchmen
-1 dead henchman shown in exit corridor
-Bond shoots Drax with a poisoned dart and then causes him to be sucked out into outer space
-3 dead Marines shown
-2 dead henchmen shown
-1 henchman gets sucked into outer space when the corridor breaks apart
-5 henchmen and 1 Marines’ dead bodies seen (when Jaws reconciles with Dolly)


There’s could’ve been more people killed when the space station exploded; Drax’s new breed of perfect human beings weren’t seen getting killed or brought back to Earth, so an unknown number of them were likely killed in the explosion.