Patriot Games (1992) Bodycount Breakdown

Patriot Games (1992) BodyCount Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Sean Miller (Sean Bean): 9
Kevin O’Donnell (Patrick Bergin): 4
Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford): 3
Lt. Commander Robby Jackson (Samuel L. Jackson): 2
Annette (Polly Walker): 1


IRA Ambush: 3
-Sean Miller, O’ Connell, his brother and other IRA gunmen gun down two London officers in a car using AK-47s and pistols
-Jack Ryan Miller’s brother (it looks like he kills another but it’s really him wounding Sean in the shoulder before killing the sibling)

Blood Runs Thick: 1
-O’Donnell shotguns a guard through his warehouse door

Femme Fatale Introduction: 1
-Annette shoots a man to death in her bedroom

Isle of Wright/Miller’s Breakout: 4
-O’Donnell kills the driver
-Miller kills the other 3 guards by lining them up on the ground and shooting them all one at a time

Being Followed: 1
-Ryan’s stalker is shot by London policemen

“Sorry Dennis”: 1
-Miller betrays Dennis and guns him down with an AK-47 at the camp (cutaway)

Camp Infiltration: 10
-Around 10 of Miller/O’Donnell’s men ambushed by U.S. forces and helicopters seen via satellite

Party Poopers: 9
-3 dead guards corpses seen after having been killed by Miller’s men
-Lt. Commander Jackson kills two of Miller’s men with a silenced pistol
-Miller accidentally shoots the man he hired to betray Ryan (since Ryan strapped him to that chair but Miller clumsily shot the man so it’s his kill)
-Miller kills O’Donnell and Annette with an Uzi for slowing him down/disagreeing with him
-Ryan impales Miller on a sharp point on the boat, jumps off it as it hits a rock on the beach and it explodes killing Miller


*Miller and the other IRA gunmen do fire at the crowd in the first scene but the angle makes it impossible to determine civilian fatalities.
*O’Donnell most likely killed some other gunmen at the warehouse but I don’t recall it being clearly mentioned afterwards or shown explicitly.