Gunmen (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Gunmen (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Cole Parker (Mario Van Peebles): 12
Dani Servingo (Christopher Lambert): 3
Armor O’Malley (Denis Leary): 3
Java (James Chalke): 3
Rance (Robert Harper): 1
Maria (Brenda Bakke): 1


Opening: 1
-Loomis’s men bury a woman alive

Beach: 2
-Armor headshots Guzman
-Armor shoots Guzman’s wife

“Who Do I Work For?”: 1
-Rance shoots Chief Chavez

Under Attack: 10
-Java kills 3 soldiers with throwing knives
-Java’s men shoot 1 soldier
-Cole shoots 1 soldier down a staircase
-Cole guns down 3 soldiers with a mini-Uzi
-Maria shoots Armor’s main henchman

“Look At Me!”: 1
-Armor’s henchmen bury Loomis alive

“Give Me a Name!”: 1
-Cole knocks Rance off a rooftop to his death

Rescue: 4
-Cole shoots 4 soldiers with a sniper rifle

Boat: 5
-Dani guns down 2 soldiers with a machine gun
-Dani shoots 1 soldier off the boat
-Cole shoots 1 soldier off the deck of the boat
-Cole shoots 1 more soldier

“You Gonna Make It?”: 1
-Armor shoots Maria

“Fuck Me!”: 1
-Cole’s timebomb blows up the boat, killing Armor