Clear And Present Danger (1994) Body Count Breakdown

Clear And Present Danger (1994) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Capt. Ramirez (Benjamin Bratt): 20
John Clark (Willem Dafoe): 5
Domingo Chavez (Raymond Cruz): 4
Col. Felix Cortez (Joaquim de Almeida): 1


Underground Drug Raid: 21
-Chavez snipes one of the drug workers that comes out of the dugout
-Ramirez throws a bomb into the hideout killing all twenty remaining workers/gunmen

End of the Relationship: 1
-Chavez seduces and breaks Moira Wolfson’s neck

Guerilla’s Rooftop Ambush: 28
-Chavez’ henchman (dressed as police officer) kills real motorcade officer
-Guerillas’ RPG launcher blows up the front and back trucks, killing 5 FBI agents in each one
-Another motorcade driver falls victim, this time to the blast of the second car explosion
-Ryan’s car crashes into a bus and an RPG hits, this time killing the driver
-One of the agents in Ryan’s car shoots a guerilla located on the roof via pistol
-The fourth FBI vehicle is blown up by Guerilla RPG fire (5 deaths once again)
-Three more Guerillas and agents each shot to death by one another
-Jacobs and two other agents die

Villa Destruction: 24
-The air strike decimates 21 adults and 3 kids

Honorary Funeral: 1
-Vice General Greer dies off-screen of cancer and his coffin is seen

Game Over!: 7
-Four Black Ops soldiers killed
-Three of the Guerillas shot by Black Ops in background

Rescue from the Compound: 10
-Aforementioned Hitman shoots Escobedo and his two associates on Chavez’s orders
-Chavez snipes that hitman
-Clark shoots the guard by the prison cell with a silenced pistol
-Clark kills 4 other gunmen via machine gun
-Chavez shoots Cortez to death as the helicopter takes off


*The opening scene has a boat with people who have been killed by the cartels but only the blood from the incident is seen on the walls; the corpses are never shown so I can’t count it despite how crucial it is and there’s no amount mentioned.
*A few minion briefly killed off-screen at the compound by Cruz but since they’re not shown and since the camera is facing Cruz while he’s seen firing, I can’t add any extra points. There’s also a gunman at the compound who’s seen firing but is not shown being killed.
*I excluded the funeral scene since it’s all the fallen Black-Ops soldiers from the ambush being put to rest.
*I might’ve overcounted the ambush scene but I think the movie transitions were wrong this time and decided to have more Black Ops officers in the next few scenes. They could’ve had come from the other car since it was blown to smithereens so Continuity Error 101.
*Last of all, Jack Ryan kills the Presidents and his various aids careers by revealing the corruption inside the administration in the end trial but that is not fatal.