Firepower (1993) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

Firepower (1993)

Starring Chad McQueen, Gary Daniels and Jim Hellwig

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McQueen kills 12
Daniels kills 5
Hellwig kills 3

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Firepower (1993) Body Count Breakdown by Orphen20

[Character Kills]

Darren Braniff (Chad McQueen): 12
Nick Sledge (Gary Daniels): 5
The Swordsman (Jim Hellwig): 3
Captain Croy (George Murdock): 1
Mauler (Unknown Actor): 1
The Rocker (Unknown Actor): 1
Mendez (Pablo Marz): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Car chase out of the tunnel: 2
2 police cars are blown up, killing 2 police officers, while they’re chasing Banger.

Shootout outside the tunnel: 1
Sledge shoots a suspect.

Precinct breakout: 5
One of The Swordsman’s men shoots a police officer.
A police officer shoots a henchman, only to be shot by another.
A henchman shoots a police officer, only to be shot by Sledge.

The Swordsman’s detention cell: 2
Two officers are shot by his henchmen.

Precinct shootout continues: 5
One police officer is shot while Sledge, Boone, and Braniff try to fend them off.
A henchman with an assault rifle shoots Boone.
Sledge shoots Boone’s killer while Braniff and the Captain shoot 2 remaining henchmen (no shared kills).

Air support: 2
A henchman with a high-powered rifle blows up a police helicopter, killing a pilot and a shooter.

“No, screw you”: 2
Sledge shoots 2 bar patrons.

Death ring: 1
Mauler kills Krell offscreen with a katana.

Sword duel: 1
The Swordsman slashes and stabs The Professor.

Weapon selection gone wrong: 1
The Rocker throws a sickle at Viper.

Freeing Mendez: 3
A henchman blows up a police car, killing 2 police officers.
A henchman shoots a police driver.

“Flowers for Mrs. Braniff”: 1
Mendez shoots Braniff’s wife Sue while she’s talking to her mom on her phone.

Ultimate Death match: 1
The Swordsman paralyzes Sledge by pushing him onto an electric fence and slices his head off with a katana.

Braniff’s attempt to retrieve Sledge’s body: 1
Braniff shoots a bouncer with a pistol.

Bar hallway: 2
Braniff shoots 2 of Drexel’s men with a pistol.

“One stupid cop”: 2
Braniff shoots 2 henchmen with a pistol while on motorcycle.

“Officer Braniff, goodbye”: 1
Braniff shoots Mendez who shoots him with a machine gun.

Counter-AIDS vaccine shipment: 1
Braniff shoots a henchman with a crossbow.

Inside the laboratory: 3
Braniff shields a henchman and shoots another.
Braniff shoots a henchman with a pistol.

Showdown at the rooftop: 2
Braniff dodges The Swordsman’s sword that electrocutes him with a power switch.
Braniff throws The Swordsman’s katana at Drexel who falls from the rooftop to the glass ceiling.

[The Final Tally= 39]

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

Sabrina Le Blanc reports that in Cleveland, 14 police officers were killed and 17 were wounded when they try to wipe out the city’s Personal Freedom Zone.
Viper defeats a fighter in a Death Ring match.
Prior to The Professor, The Swordsman claims to have a 12-kill record.
Lisa tells Braniff that she fell in love with a fighter who was killed in a death match.
Lisa’s brother was a fighter who was killed the same way as Viper.
Braniff knocks down a henchman before he enters a laboratory.