Andy Lau Killcounts


Once Upon A Rainbow
Boat People
On The Wrong Track
Home At Hong Kong
Everlasting Love
Shanghai 13 7
Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars 3
The Unwritten Law
Lucky Stars Go Places
Magic Crystal 2
Tragic Hero 64
Sworn Brothers 6
Last Eunuch In China
The Romancing Star II
The Truth
The Crazy Companies
As Tears Go By 3
Walk On Fire 4
In The Blood 6
Three Against The World 7
The Dragon Family 14
The Crazy Companies 2
Runaway Blues

Slake’s Limbo

Bloody Brotherhood 19
Long Arm Of The Law 3: Escape From Hong Kong 3
Proud And Confident 46
News Attack
The First Time Is The Last Time
Perfect Match
Little Cop
City Kids 1989 3
Casino Raiders 7
Crocodile Hunter 4
China White 2
The Truth: Final Episode
God Of Gamblers 3
The Romancing Star III
Stars & Roses 2
The Fortune Code 1
Return Engagement

Hong Kong Corruptor, Gods, Gangsters And Gamblers

No Risk, No Gain: Casino Raiders – The Sequel 5
A Moment Of Romance 2
Thunderbolt ’91

Kung Fu vs. Acrobats

Kawashima Yohiko
A Home Too Far 17
Gangland Odyssey 2
Dragon In Jail 22
God Of Gamblers II 4
Days Of Being Wild 3
12 Hours Of Terror

The Last Blood

Island Of Fire

The Prisoner

Tricky Brains
Don’t Fool Me
Casino Raiders II 2
The Tigers 2
Zodiac Killers 1
Hong Kong Godfather 10
Lee Rock 2
Lee Rock II 3
The Banquet
Dances With Dragon
Saviour Of The Soul 1
Casino Tycoon 8
What A Hero!
Gun & Rose 21
Game Kids 1
Casino Tycoon II 1
The Prince Of Temple Street 16
Saviour Of The Soul II 8
Handsome Siblings 5
The Sting
Moon Warriors 53
Come Fly The Dragon 13
Lee Rock III
The Thief Of Time
Future Cops

Street Fighter, Super School Overlord

Days Of Tomorrow 3
Perfect Exchange 2
Tian Di

Heaven And Earth, Chinese Untouchable

Drunken Master III 7
A Taste Of Killing And Romance 10
The Three Swordsmen 7
The Adventurers (1995)

Great Adventurers

Full Throttle
What A Wonderful World
A Moment Of Romance III
Shanghai Grand 3
Thanks For Your Love
Armageddon 1
Island Of Greed 28
The Conman 1
A True Mob Story 1
Fascination Amour
Prince Charming
The Conmen In Vegas
Running Out Of Time
Century Of The Dragon 2
The Duel 7
Needing You…
A Fighter’s Blues 1
Love On A Diet
Fulltime Killer 23
Dance Of A Dream
Fat Choi Spirit
The Wesley’s Mysterious File 2
Infernal Affairs 1
Cat And Mouse 18
Running On Karma
Infernal Affairs III 2
Magic Kitchen
House Of Flying Daggers 4
Triad Underworld 4
Yesterday Once More
A World Without Thieves
Wait ‘Til You’re Older
All About Love
I’ll Call You
My Mother Is A Belly Dancer
Battle Of Wits

Battle Of The Warriors

Protégé 1
The Warlords 44
Three Kingdoms: Resurrection Of The Dragon 58
Look For A Star
The Founding Of A Republic
Future X-Cops 7
Detective Dee: The Mystery Of The Phantom Flame 10
Shaolin 9
What Women Want

I Know A Woman’s Heart

The Great Revival
Cold War
Angry Kid
Blind Detective 1
Switch 14
From Vegas To Macau II
Lost And Love
Saving Mr. Wu
From Vegas To Macau III
Line Walker
Mission Milano
Railroad Tigers
Shock Wave
The Adventurers (2017)
Chasing The Dragon 5
The White Storm 2: Drug Lords
Find Your Voice
Shock Wave 2
End Game
Detective Chinatown 3
Crisis Route
The Wandering Earth II
Red Line
The Movie Emperor
Moscow Mission
I Did It My Way
Once Upon A Time in Hong-Kong

The Goldfinger


No Kills In: Rich And Famous, Forbidden Imperial Tales, Drunken Master II: The Legend Of The Drunken Master, McDull, Prince De La Bun, The Shoe Fairy, A Simple Life, Shimajiro And The Whale’s Song, The Shimajiro Movie: Shimajiro In Bookland, My Beloved Bodyguard [The Bodyguard], The Great Wall


The Old Miao Myth
The Return Of The Condor Heroes
VeggieTales FitnessHof


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.