Dragon In Jail Body Count Breakdown

Dragon In Jail [Yu Zhong Long] (1990) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Henry (Andy Lau) – 22 kills
Skinny (John Ching) – 3 kills
Wayne (Kenny Ho) – 4 kills


“Do you dislike me for being a good boy?” – 1
-Henry (in an act of self-defense) smash Charlie’s lead henchman’s head with a gas canister

Streetfight – 12
-4 thugs are killed
-Skinny cuts down 2 thugs
-Henry cuts down 3 thugs
-Henry slashes 1 thug who tries to sneak upon Skinny in the back
-Henry impaled 1 more thug with his machete
-Skinny repeatedly hacks at the thug who inflicts a near-mortal wound on Henry

Montage/Rise of Power – 6*
-Henry cuts down 2 thugs during a street fight
-Henry cuts down 4 thugs in an alley

Set Up – 19
-Wayne kills 3 thugs
-Henry cuts down 2 thugs
-3 more thugs are killed in gangfight
-Henry cuts down 1 thug
-Wayne cuts down 1 thug
-Henry cuts down 1 thug
-Henry cuts down 2 thugs just as he was fleeing from the scene
-6 corpses seen throughout the scene

Home Invasion – 2
-Winnie’s corpse is seen, killed offscreen by Charlie’s thugs
-Uncle Sean is dead too, killed by Charlie’s thugs

Freed from Trial – 1
-Skinny succumbs to his wounds from being run over by Charlie’s thugs earlier

The Old Henry is Back – 3
-Henry stabs 1 of Charlie’s henchman through the gut
-Henry impales 1 henchman next to him
-Henry slices through the chest of last henchman

“Give you a chance? Did you give me a chance?” – 1

-Henry slashes Charlie several times, before plunging his machete all the way through Charlie’s crotch


-Many, many people badly beaten up in the nightclub scene.
-A thug got hit in the head by a beer bottle, but he seemed fine.
-Henry brutally beats up an inmate and breaks his leg, but didn’t kill him.

*There is a lot of fighting in this scene, but most of the time the camera tends to focus on Henry and any possible background deaths aren’t exactly visible enough.