Bloody Brotherhood (1989) Body Count Breakdown

Bloody Brotherhood [Tong Gen Sheng] (1989) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Cheung Kah Wah (Andy Lau) – 19 kills
Cheung Kah Wai (Lam Wai) – 13 kills
Fei (Philip Ko) – 1 kill


Refugee Boat – 14
-Mrs. Cheung succumbs to some unknown diesease
-Mobster shoots 1 Navy officer
-Navy officers shoots 2 mobsters
-Navy shoots 5 immigrants in cross-fire
-1 more immigrant caught in the cross-fire between mobsters and the Navy
-Lead mobster shot by Navy officers
-Mobster shoots 1 Navy officer
-Mr. Cheung is hit by a stray bullet and succumbs shortly after
-Wah is forced to shoot 1 Navy officer in self-defense

Robbery/Wai’s Crime Spree – 8

-Wai blows up an armoured van killing its driver
-Security guards shoot 1 of Wai’s accomplices
-Wai shoots 2 security guards
-1 dead security guard seen dragged out of the vehicle, killed by the explosion courtesy of Wai
-Police shoots 1 more accomplice
-Wai shoots 2 police officers

Taiwan/The Kidnap – 1

-Wai, while trying to flee from the police with Wah’s daughter in his arms, accidentally chokes her to death

“The Fallen Tiger is Bullied by the Dogs” – 2
-Brother Tong Fai is stabbed by Fei
-Wai stabs Fei

Restaurant/Revenge – 24
-Wah hacks 1 thug with a handsaw and he fell over a table
-Wah slashes 4 thugs with his handsaw
-Wah drives his saw through 1 thug’s stomach
-Wah cuts down 2 thugs
-Wah slashes 1 thug and sent him falling over a railing
-Wah cuts down 1 thug
-Wah slashes 1 thug who fell over a staircase railing
-Wah (briefly) cuts down 1 more thug at foot of staircase
-Wah flings Kung through a glass panel with quite some force, killing him
-Wai slashes 1 thug’s neck
-Wai cuts down 3 thugs
-Wah stabs Lung in the gut with a broken beer bottle, then finish him off with a punch to the face
-Wah drives the saw (which is embedded into a wall) into Wu’s neck, cutting his jugular
-Wai stabs Boss Hoi several times
-Wai is shot by the police


-Wah beats up plenty, plenty of thugs.