Midnight Ride (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Midnight Ride (1990): Body Count by Rutledal


Justin (Mark Hamill): 12
Lawson (Michael Dudikoff): 1


“I want that!”: 1
-Justin murders a woman

“You hurt me!”: 1
-Justin cuts a woman’s throat

Taxicab Cremations: 2

-Justin pushes a cab down a hill resulting in an explosion killing two women

Off Screen: 1

-Justin kills a cop

Bus Turbulence: 2

-Justin causes two cop cars to crash killing two cops

Gas Station: 4
-Justin shoots a cop
-Justin kills another cop
-Justin blows up the gas pumps killing two more cops

Hospital Disguise: 1
-Justin kills an ambulance driver

Elevator Comeback: 1

-Lawson shoots Justin in the head