From Paris With Love (2010): Body Count Breakdown

From Paris with Love (2010) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Gregg)


Charlie Wax (John Travolta): 44
James Reese (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers): 1


Le Lotus des Neiges: 7
Wax shoots 7 kitchen staff

“Wrong, brother!”: 5
Wax stabs 1 Triad with his own knife
Wax stabs 1 Triad in the throat with his gun barrel
Wax breaks 1 Triad’s neck
Wax beats 2 Triads to death with a baseball bat

Staircase: 6

Wax shoots 4 Triads and throws them down the staircase
2 more Triads shown killed by Wax

Factory Escape: 11
Wax shoots 11 Triads

“Next time I tell you to shoot the fucker, shoot the fucker”: 2
Wax shoots 2 terrorists

Tenament Building: 17
Wax shoots 8 terrorists
1 terrorist forces Reese to shoot him through the mouth
Wax drops some C4 on a car, blowing up 3 terrorists inside
5 cops are blown up by door bomb set by the terrorists

Apartment: 1
Wax shoots Nichole

Freeway: 1
Wax blows up the bearded driver in his Volvo with an RPG

Embassy: 1
Reese shoots Caroline


-Wax beats up another thug in the alley, but he didn’t finish him.
-During the freeway chase, the bearded driver rams through some cars and this results in a crash, but the cars didn’t look to be going fast enough to be lethal.