L4yer Cake (2004): Body Count Breakdown

L4yer Cake (2004): Body Count by luvmetender009


XXXX (Daniel Craig) – 2
Gene (Colm Meaney) – 1
Morty (George Harris) – 1
Crazy Larry (Jason Flemyng) – 1
Slasher (Sally Hawkins) – 1
Shanks (Stephen Walters) – 1


Warehouse Holdup – 1
-Slasher accidentally shoots a gardener

Workshop – 1
-Paul seen tortured and burnt to death by a hot iron

Cafeteria – 1
-Mortimer smash an associate’s face then boils him to death with a kettle of tea

Failure of a Deal – 1

-Duke’s corpse seen shot in the chest

Flashback – 1
-Kilburn Jerry shoots himself through the head

Mansion – 1

-XXXX kills Jimmy

Crazy Larry’s fate sealed -1
-Gene shoots Crazy Larry in the head

Park – 1
-Dragan snipes Lucky in the head

Docks – 1
-Slasher shot in her head by Gene’s colleague

Art of a Good Business – 1

-Eddie Temple’s severed head seen in an ice cooler (implied to be XXXX’s work through his self-monologue)

Man was a Prick – 1

-1 dead guy seen in car (implied to be killed by Shanks)


-XXXX was shot in the chest at point-blank range by Sydney at the end of the film, but he’s still alive and moving as the screen flash white and the credits roll.