The Invasion (2007) Body Count Breakdown

The Invasion (2007) Body Count by luvmetender009


Carol Bennell (Nicole Kidman) – 12


Night After Conference – 1
-1 man dies out on streets after succumbing to viral infection

Tunnel -1
-1 woman run over by car

A visit to Yorish’s – 1
-Yorish succumbs to viral infection

Carol gets it too – 1
-A victim seen on a couch dead from infection

Subway – 4
-3 innocent people devoured by infected offscreen (I counted only the Afro couple, and the Caucasian woman who shouted, though there could be many more)
-Carol accidentally shoots 1 subway worker

Streets of Chaos – 2

-2 people commits suicide by jumping off a roof

Acquiring Transportation – 1
-Ben passes by 1 dead cop

Vision – 1
-Carol’s double kills herself with a hatchet-like weapon

Warehouse – 1
-Carol smash Tucker’s head

Mother’s Love knows no Limits – 5
-Carol shoots 5 infected to defend her son

Escape – 4
-Carol crash 1 infected into a pile of trash while driving*
-Carol drives Ben’s SUV into a lamppost, throwing 3 infected into a shop’s front *

*An impact like this would be enough to kill a person in real life, let alone in a movie.


-News and radio reports in the entire film frequently mentions of deaths, massacres and genocides
-Gene (the creepy little Asian boy) said that both his parents died from the infection, but we didn’t see them die, I’m not counting it.
-Carol smash an infected’s head with a fire extinguisher while in the elevator, but I don’t think he’d die.