Kick-Ass (2010): Body Count Breakdown

Kick-Ass (2010) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl (Chloe Moretz): 41
Damon Macready/Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage): 12
Dave Liewsiski/Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson): 4
Frank D’Amico (Mark Strong): 2


Opening: 2
-Crazy Guy jumps off a buliding to his death
-Dave’s Mom dies

“I Never Said Batman!”: 1
-Frank’s mobsters shoot Trey off-screen

“You’re So Fuckin Dead!”: 8
-Hit-Girl stabs Rasul through the back with a spear
-Hit-Girl kills 2 junkies with the same spear
-Hit-Girl slices a junkie’s leg off and finishes him with the spear
-Hit-Girl kills 1 more junkie with the spear
-Hit-Girl throws her butterfly knife into a junkie’s stomach and kicks him into a wall, killing him
-Hit-Girl kills the female junkie
-Big Daddy headshots the Big Junkie with a sniper rifle

“Who Sold Your Coke?”: 1
-The Russian Snitch explodes in an industrial microwave

“Thanks For Your Cooperation, Cody”: 1
-Hit-Girl activates the car crusher, which crushes Cody in his car

“Steal My Coke?!”: 2
-Frank shoots a innocent man running away
-Frank shoots the Kick-Ass impersonator in the back of the head

Lumber Warehouse: 11
-Big Daddy slits Sal’s throat
-Big Daddy stabs 2 mobsters in a quick fashion
-Big Daddy guns down 6 mobsters in a quick fashion
-Big Daddy throws a grenade through the window of a door, blowing up 1 mobster
-Big Daddy shoots the last mobster with his own shotgun

Rescue: 13
-Hit-Girl headshots Joe
-Hit-Girl stabs a mobster and shoots him in the head
-Hit-Girl guns down 6 mobsters FPS-style
-Hit-Girl guns down 4 mobsters in kryptonite vision
-Hit-Girl shoots the last mobster in the head

“Show’s Over, Motherfuckers!”: 1
-Big Daddy dies of his burn wounds

Lobby: 4
-Hit-Girl shoots 1 mobster through the Lobby Goon’s cheek
-Hit-Girl shoots 2 mobsters
-Hit-Girl finishes the Lobby Goon

Elevator: 3
-Hit-Girl throws a chain knife into a mobster’s throat
-Hit-Girl stabs another mobster with the same weapon
-Hit-Girl throws the chain knife into a mobster’s gun hand and twists it around and it shoots him

Upper Floor: 9
-Hit-Girl shoots 9 mobsters

Unarmed: 1
-Hit-Girl throws 3 kitchen knives into a mobster’s chest

Kick-Ass to the Rescue: 3
-Kick-Ass guns down Stu with the jet-pack armed with Gatling guns
-Kick-Ass mows down the last 2 mobsters

“Why Don’t You Pick On Someone Your Own Size?”: 1
-Kick-Ass launches Frank out the window with the bazooka and he blows up in mid-air