The Forbidden Kingdom (2008): Body Count Breakdown

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008): Body Count by Gregglop09


The Monkey King/The Silent Monk (Jet Li): 14
Golden Sparrow (Liu Yifei): 2
Jason Tripitikas (Micheal Angarano): 2
The Jade Warlord (Collin Chou): 2
Lu Yan (Jackie Chan): 1


Intro: 9
The Monkey King knocks 9 Jade Warriors off the cliffs to their deaths (the cliffs were pretty high, so I’m counting all of them)

Escape: 2

Golden Sparrow kills 2 Jade Warriors with throwing knives

Final Showdown: 10
The Silent Monk kills 5 Jade Warriors with a spear
The Jade Warlord stabs The Silent Monk (he dies later)
The Jade Warlord knocks Golden Sparrow into a wall (she dies later)
Jason slashes a Jade Warrior’s throat with a sword
Lu Yan cuts Ni-Chang’s hair, causing her to fall off the tower to her death
Jason stabs The Jade Warlord with a sword, causing him to fall into the pit of lava


-Lu Yan, The Silent Monk and Jason kung-fu fight LOTS of guys but the hits aren’t fatal
-Some Jade Warriors are knocked down by a shockwave caused by The Monkey King rising but they all got up, so they’re not counted