Hard Boiled (1992): Body Count Breakdown

Hard Boiled (1992) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach94)


Tequila Yuen (Chow Yun-Fat): 75
Alan (Tony Leung): 47
Mad Dog (Philip Kwok): 24*
Jimmy (Michael Dingo): 17
Johnny Wong (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang): 12
Benny (Bowie Lam): 3
Superintendent Pang (Philip Chan): 1
Teresa Chang (Teresa Mo): 1


Teahouse Shootout: 36
-Jimmy shoots 2 innocent men
-1 innocent man gunned down by thugs
-Benny shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Jimmy guns down 9 people
-5 people are shot by a thug
-Tequila shoots 2 more thugs
-3 more people shot by thugs
-Tequila shoots 3 additional thugs
-Jimmy shoots 3 cops and 1 innocent man
-1 dead worker seen in the kitchen, a victim of Jimmy’s
-Benny unintentionally shoots a worker being used as a shield by Jimmy (shared)
-Jimmy guns down Benny
-Tequila shoots Jimmy

Library: 1
-Alan shoots his target

Hostile Takeover: 113
-20 Triads gunned down by Johnny’s thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 9 Triads
-1 Triad is hit by a thug on his motorcycle
-19 more Triads are shot by thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 3 Triads
-1 Triad shown dead in background
-Mad Dog blows up 3 Triads with grenades
-3 Triads shot by thugs
-Triads shoot 1 thug
-2 Triads are shot by a thug
-Mad Dog guns down 3 Triads
-5 more Triads shown lying around
-Mad Dog blows up a car containing 4 of Hoi’s bodyguards with a grenade
-1 bodyguard is shot by thugs
-Alan shoots Uncle Hoi
-Alan mows down 7 bodyguards
-Tequila shoots 28 thugs
-Tequila blows up 2 bikers

Boat: 3
-Tequila shoots 1 Triad and he falls into the water
-Alan shoots 1 Triad and he also flies into the water
-Alan shoots Lonny

Checking In: 8
-1 dead man seen on gurney
-Alan shoots 2 thugs
-Mad Dog slices Foxy’s throat and then drops him down shaft
-4 more dead bodies seen in basement

Evacuation: 28

-12 patients gunned down by thugs
-2 thugs shot by detectives
-10 more patients shot by thugs
-3 cops shot by thugs
-1 cop is blown up from the concussion of an RPG fired by a thug

Hospital Battle: 81
-Tequila shoots 3 thugs
-Alan shoots 5 thugs
-1 detective is shot by a thug
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Alan shoots 3 thugs
-1 dead patient shown
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Alan shoots 2 thugs
-1 thug is shot by a detective
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-2 patients are shot by a thug
-Pang shoots 1 thug
-1 more thug shot by a detective
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Alan shoots 3 thugs
-2 detectives shot by thugs
-Tequila shoots 1 thug
-Alan shoots 1 thug
-Cops shoot 1 thug
-1 thug shot by a detective
-4 dead patients shown
-SWAT team shoots 5 thugs
-Alan shoots 1 thug
-SWAT team shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila shoots 7 thugs
-Alan shoots 13 thugs
-Alan unintentionally shoots a detective
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs, 1 of whom is also shot by Alan
-Tequila shoots 9 more thugs
-Alan shoots 4 thugs

Final Fight: 32
-Cops shoot 4 thugs
-Mad Dog shoots 1 SWAT officer
-1 SWAT officer is shot by a thug
-SWAT team shoots 1 thug
-Teresa shoots 1 thug
-1 agent is shot by a thug
-SWAT team shoots 1 thug
-Tequila shoots 2 thugs
-Tequila slams 1 thug’s head in a door window and then shoots him to finish him off
-Tequila shoots 2 more thugs
-Tequila blows up a gas canister that sends out shrapnel and hits 1 thug in his throat, causing him to bleed out
-2 dead patients shown
-Johnny guns down 11 patients and staff
-Johnny shoots Mad Dog
-Tequila shoots the last 2 thugs

Face/Off: 1
-Tequila shoots Johnny through the eye


*Mad Dog probably had more kills during the hostile takeover scene, but he’s wearing a helmet for the first half of the fight, making him indistinguishable from the other thugs.
-There was another body seen beside Foxy’s in the basement, but it was probably just the first man.
-Many SWAT officers are shot at during the hospital fight, but since they’re wearing body armour, I only count the ones who show visible blood loss and gunshot wounds.