Equilibrium (2002): Body Count Breakdown

Equilibrium (2002): Body Count by Rorschach94


John Preston (Christian Bale): 76 WATCH HERE
Brandt (Taye Diggs): 2


Man’s Inhumanity to Man: 20
-5 resistance fighters gunned down by police
-Preston kills 13 resistance fighters
-2 more bodies shown

A Heavy Cost: 1
-Preston shoots Partridge

Signs of Remorse: 22

-5 resistance fighters killed
-Brandt kills 2 resistance fighters
-11 more resistance fighters gunned down
-4 more bodies shown

A Big Mistake: 13
-Preston kills 13 policemen

Warehouse Raid: 26
-8 resistance fighters gunned down
-1 resistance fighter executed
-Preston kills 6 policemen
-4 more resistance fighters kills
-7 more executed

Execution: 1

-Mary is incinerated

Not Without Incident: 32
-Preston kills 5 guards and one of the interrogation officers
-Preston kills 26 guards in the hallway

Paying the Price: 43

-Preston kills 7 of Duponts guards with a sword
-Preston kills Brandt by slicing his face off
-Preston shoots Dupont
-Preston kills 2 more guards
-32 guards killed by resistance fighters