Tiger On Beat (1988): Body Count Breakdown

Tiger On Beat (1988): Body Count by luvmetender009


Francis Li (Chow Yun Fat) – 15 Watch HERE
Michael Tso (Conan Lee) – 4


Robbery – 1
-Robbers kills 1 man

Docks – 1
-Johnny’s men kills the Thai drug dealer

Hideout – 1

-Marydonna’s brother tortured then killed by Johnny’s men

Dealings – 12

-Michael shoots Johnny’s bodyguard at point-blank range
-Cops guns down 11 drug dealers, 3 whom are done by Francis

Farewell – 1

-Marydonna shot dead by Johnny’s assasin

Boathouse – 15
-Francis shoots 2 of Johnny’s men outside boathouse
-Michael shoots 1
-Francis shoots 2 inside boathouse
-Michael shoots 1 more
-Francis kills 3 thugs with a shotgun tied to a rope
-Michael hurls 1 thug off a balcony during a fight scene (the guy lands on his head)
-Francis accidentally shoots 1 thug used as a human shield by the foreign mob leader
-Francis kills 1 more thug
-Francis slash the foreign mob leader’s neck
-Francis kills Tim, the foreign mob leader’s aide
-Francis guns the chainsaw-wielding fighter dangling on the ceiling to death