The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Bodycount Breakdown

The Matrix Reloaded (2003) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Agent Johnson (Daniel Bernhardt): 13
Agent Jackson (David Kilde): 7
Neo (Keanu Reeves): 3
Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving): 3
Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne): 2
Agent Thompson (Matt McColm): 2
Twin One (Neil Rayment): 2
Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss): 1
Persephone (Monica Bellucci): 1


“Smith will suffice”: 1
-Agent Smith forms Bane, killing him

Fighting the Smiths: 2
Agent Jackson takes a woman’s form, killing her
Agent Smith forms Jackson, killing him

Chateau: 6
-Persephone shoots Abel
-1 Doberman is unintentionally impaled with a spiked ball by a comrade
-Neo impales 1 Doberman with a sword and then kicks him over the balcony
-Neo forces a Doberman to imaple his friend
-Another Doberman is accidentally impaled through the face by his ally
-Neo kills the last Doberman

Freeway: 21
-Agent Johnson takes a cop’s form, killing him
-Agent Thompson kills the second cop by same
-Twin One shoots 2 drivers, causing them to crash
-Johnson causes a car pileup which results in 6 cars crashing, killing all of their drivers
-Morpheus blows up the Twins’ truck with them still inside, killing both of them
-Agent Jackson takes a semi truck driver’s form, killing him
-Jackson and Thompson each take a cop’s form, killing them both
-Johnson takes a truck driver’s form, killing him
-1 car flies into the air and crashes, killing its driver
-Jackson rams into 2 cars, killing their drivers
-Johnson and Jackson crash their trucks into each other, causing them to explode and kill them both (shared)

Reaching the Source: 7

-Axel falls off a catwalk and breaks his neck on the grating
-The Vigilant’s operator is impaled by the catwalk
-Soren, Binary, and Vector are killed when a Sentinel’s bomb blows up their real world lifelines
-Trinity crashes her motorcycle into a booth, causing it to explode and kill the security guard inside
-All of the Agent Smiths shoot the Keymaker

Choice: 3
-Agent Johnson lands on and crushes a passing car after intentionally jumping out of a building, killing both himself and the driver
-Trinity briefly dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Agent Johnson (she gets revived by Neo)


-During many scenes characters are involved in fights but not killed.
-The power plant is destroyed in a massive explosion, but no one is seen being killed by it.
-The explosion caused by Neo in the source building doesn’t visibly kill anyone.
-While Neo is flying thorugh the city at supersonic speeds, many cars are crushed, but it’s impossible to tell if anyone was in them or not.