The Matrix (1999): Body Count Breakdown

The Matrix (1999) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rorschach)


Neo (Keanu Reeves): 19
Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss): 11
Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving): 7
Switch (Belinda McClory): 3
Cypher (Joe Pantoliano): 3
Apoc (Julian Arahanga): 1
Tank (Marcus Chong): 1
Agent Jones (Robert Taylor): 1


Opening: 1
Trinity shoots 1 cop

Glitch: 5
Mouse is shot by the SWAT team
Agent Smith takes a SWAT officer’s form, killing him
Apoc and Switch both shoot 1 SWAT officer
Switch shoots 2 more SWAT officers

Betrayal: 4

Cypher electrocutes Dozer
Cypher disconnects Apoc and Switch from the Matrix, killing them
Tank electrocutes Cypher

Lobby Shootout: 15
Neo shoots 3 security guards
Trinity shoots 1 security guard
Neo shoots 6 Marines
Trinity shoots 2 Marines
Trinity sets a bomb on the elevator which Neo causes to fall down to the lobby and explode, killing 1 security guard and 2 Marines still down there previously knocked out by Neo and Trinity (shared)

“Dodge this!”: 7
1 Marine’s dead body shown, finished off by Neo
Trinity chops 2 Marines’ throats
Agent Jones takes the pilot’s form, killing him
Neo shoots 1 Marine
Trinity throws a knife into 1 Marine’s eye
Trinity shoots Agent Jones

Rescue: 4
Neo shoots Brown, Jones, and Smith with the helicopter’s machine gun
Agent Smith takes a Marine’s form, killing him

Subway: 2
Agent Smith takes a bum’s form, killing him
Neo leaves Agent Smith in the path of a train, which runs him over

Chase: 3
Agent Smith takes 3 bluepills’ forms, killing them

The One: 2
Agent Smith shoots Neo
Neo kills Agent Smith


-There are several scenes where many cops/Marines are beaten down by the crew members, but they’re not killed.
-During the escape from the military building, the helicopter crashes into another building and explodes, but no one is seen visibly killed in the explosion.