Stupid Weapons and Jade Head Bracelets

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] The Killer Meteors (1976): Breakdown by Kain424 A rich and powerful man seeks the assistance of a powerful warrior to kill his wife and retrieve the antidote for the poison she’s fed him.  But all is not what it seems… [THE EXECUTION] After the somewhat lukewarm reception of New Fist Of Fury, director … Read moreStupid Weapons and Jade Head Bracelets

John Woo & Jackie Chan

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] The Hand Of Death a.k.a. Countdown To Kung Fu a.k.a. Shao Lin men (1976): Breakdown by Kain424 Several martial arts heroes band together to stop the ruthless slaughter of Shaolin monks by an evil warlord. [THE EXECUTION] John Woo performed well enough under his mentor, Chang Cheh, that Golden Harvest gave him a … Read moreJohn Woo & Jackie Chan