Simon Yam Killcounts

The Spiritual Boxer

Hot Blood

Fame Of Chess
The Sausage Chase
Law Don
The Wickedness In Poverty
Crazy Hustlers
House Of The Lute 1
The Informer
Twins Of Kung Fu
Green Killer
He Lives By Night
Mission To Kill
Devil’s Box
Tong – A Chinatown Story


Goodbye Mammie
Osmanthus Alley
The Big Brother
Burning Snow
Tiger Cage 2
The Green Trees
Women’s Prison
Mistaken Identity
The Digger – For Whom The Suona Blows
Human Sentiment Law
Mr. Coconut
Four Loves
Chinese Cop Out 6
Final Run 1
Burning Ambition
The Wild Ones
Final Fight


Live Hard
Framed 2
Big Man Little Affair
Shadow Of China
Lucky Stars
Story Of The Sword And The Sabre
Fatal Termination
Return Engagement

Hong Kong Corruptor, Gods, Gangsters And Gamblers

Killer’s Romance 33
Bullet In The Head 70
Queen’s High 1
The Cyprus Tigers 4
Hong Kong Gigolo 1
Bullet For Hire 26
Doctor’s Heart
Deadly Deal
Queen Of Gamble

Cousin, You Play Stuff

The Plot
The Great Pretenders 1
Gigolo And Whore
Angel Force

Mission Kill, Mission Of Condor

Black Cat
Sea Wolves 3
The Good, The Bad And The Bandit
The Banquet
Powerful Four 6
Gigolo And Whore II
Cash On Delivery
Gun & Rose 2
Full Contact 4
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China
Dr. Lamb 4
Friday Gigolo
Naked Killer 34
The Night Rider
Hard To Kill
Gun & Roses 2
Don’t Stop My Crazy Love For You 1
First Shot
Run And Kill 25
Insanity 4
Rose Rose I Love You
Love Among The Triad
Naked Killer 2
The Killer’s Love 5
Holy Weapon 30
Future Cops 1
The Final Judgement
The Prince Of Portland Street
Warriors: The Black Panther 35
The Incorruptible
A Day Without Policeman 1
Crystal Fortune Run
Drunken Master III
The Tragic Fantasy: Tiger Of Wanchai 4
The True Hero 8
Passion 1995 3
Man Wanted 23
Ghostly Bus 4
Farewell My Dearest
Legendary Couple 40
Love, Guns And Glass 32
Police Confidential
Dragon Killer 7
Because Of Lies
Young And Dangerous
Scarred Memory
Young And Dangerous 2
Pointed Triangle
Street Angels 10
All Of A Sudden 2
Young And Dangerous 3
To Be No. 1
Bloody Friday 2
The King Of Robbery 19

The Contract Killer

Casino 3
Expect The Unexpected 2
The Suspect
Operation Billionaire
Trust Me U Die
Night Club
The Mission 3
The Legend Of Speed 2
Juliet In Love
Model From Hell
To Where He Belongs 6
Horoscope II: The Woman From Hell
Man Wanted 3
Cold War 10
Final Romance
Midnight Fly
Fulltime Killer 1
Partners 42
My Left Eye Sees Ghost
Eternal Flame Of Fatal Attraction 1
Looking For Mister Perfect
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life 1
Moving Targets
Breaking News
Wake Of Death 2
Explosive City 1
Election 2
The Unusual Youth
Mob Sister
SPL: Kill Zone 6
Election 2 1
Exiled 5
Eye In The Sky
Triad Wars

Fatal Move

Tactical Unit – The Code 1
Ocean Flame
Female Convict Scorpion


Ballistic 1
Tactical Unit – No Way Out
Tactical Unit – Human Nature
Tactical Unit – Comrades In Arms 1
Night And Fog 4
Vengeance 1
The Storm Warriors 13
Bodyguards And Assassins 4
Tactical Unit – Partners
Black Ransom 4
King Of Triads

Bad Blood

Echoes Of The Rainbow
All About Love
Midnight Beating
The Blood Bond 5
The Man Behind The Courtyard House
Beginning Of The Great Revival
Coming Back
Design Of Death
Passion Island
The Thieves
The Cross

Smile For Me

Ripples Of Desire
Games Of Cloud & Rain
7 Assassins
Cold Eyes
Tales From The Dark 1
The Constable
A Chilling Cosplay
As The Light Goes Out
The Midnight After
12 Golden Ducks
Two Thumbs Up
SPL: Kill Zone 2
Detective Gui
Wild City
Ulterior Motive
Magic Card
Inside Or Outside
Phantom Of The Theatre
The Tenants Downstairs
Mrs K
Father And Son
Legend Of The Naga Pearls
Colour Of The Game
S.M.A.R.T. Chase 1
Eternal Wave
My Rival Is Son-In-Law, My Lover Is Son-In-Law
Operation Red Sea
A Or B
House Of The Rising Suns
Air Strike
Iceman: The Time Traveller 5
The Human Comedy
Change Of Gangster
Little Q
My People, My Country
Blade Breaking Ice
Septet: The Story Of Hong Kong
Fireflies In The Sun
Man’s Creed
Man On The Edge
A Murder Erased
Back To Earth
A Light Never Goes Out
Cyber Heist
The Comeback
Death Notice
The Man’s Secret
I Did It My Way
The Goldfinger


No Kills In: Miracles: The Canton Godfather [Mr. Canton And Lady Rose], Dragon Squad, Ip Man, Ip Man 2, Man Of Tai Chi, Shimajiro And The Rainbow Oasis, Chasing The Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch, Raging Fire

A House Is Not A Home
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
The Brothers
The Shell Game
The Shell Game II
Angels And Devils
The Return Of The Condor Heroes
Qiu Jin: A Woman To Remember
The New Adventures Of Chor Lau-Heung
The Smiling Proud Wanderer
Lu Siniang Legend Of Ching Lady
Police Cadet II
The New Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre
Beastly Beings
My Date With A Vampire II
Tokyo Juliet
72 Floors Of Mystery
Magic City
The Thunder
Macau Family
Xing Jing Zhi Hai Wai Xing Dong
The Dragnet


**All counts above 9 are tentative. Until there is a video showing verification, you may take these numbers with a grain of salt.