Run And Kill Body Count Breakdown

Run And Kill [Woo Sue] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Ching Fung (Simon Yam) – 25 kills
Cheng “Fatty” Kau Ng (Kent Cheng) – 1 kill
Wah (Siu Wah Fok) – 2 kills


Night of Affair – 2
-The punk Fatty’s wife has an affair with is hacked to death in a bathtub by hitman leader
-Fatty’s wife has her throat slashed by a hitman

Movie Theatre – 6
-1 hitman stabbed in his neck with a thin pointed iron rod
-2 more hitman are knifed
-1 innocent bystander is killed (briefly seen)
-Wah throws 1 hitman off a balcony to his death
-Hitman leader stabbed repeatedly

Night Raid – 23
-Fung stabs 2 Vietnamese thugs
-1 of Fung’s henchmen stabs 1 Vietnamese thug
-1 more Vietnamese thug gets stabbed in his neck by an unseen assailant
-2 more Vietnamese thugs are killed
-Fung slash 1 Vietnamese thug in the neck
-2 more Vietnamese thugs are garroted by Fung’s henchmen
-Fung slashes another Vietnamese thug in the neck and stabs 1 more in front of him
-1 more Vietnamese thug is offed by Fung’s men
-Fung slashes 1 Vietnamese thug that walked out of a camp and bumped directly into him
-1 Vietnamese thug is killed off-screen (we hear him shout)
-Fung machine-guns a total of 8 Vietnamese thugs in Wah’s bunker (7 seen in an overhead shot and an extra comes up later)
-Fung empties the rest of the ammunition in his machine-gun into Wah

Flashback/Vietnam War – 11
-3 Chinese soldiers shot by Vietcongs
-Fung’s second brother is shot by Vietcongs
-1 Vietcong is shot
-Fung shoots 3 Vietcongs
-3 Vietcongs are blown up

Woods/Escape – 1
-Fung’s youngest brother bleeds out to his death, after getting stabbed in the kneecap with a pointed, hollow bamboo stick by Wah earlier

Home Invasion – 3
-The 2 police officers assigned to protect Fatty’s family is seen dead, killed off-screen by Fung
-Fung throws Fatty’s mother out of a third-floor window where she lands on a car to her death

“Why kill you now? When I can torment you, make you suffer, make you fear me… so that I can kill you when you fear death the most!!!” – 1
-Fung tied up Fatty’s daughter right in front of him, drenches her in gasoline and lights her on fire until she is burnt to a crisp

“You can’t run!!!” – 3
-Fung shoots Panther and 2 of his own henchmen

“Burn, you bastard” – 1
-Fatty rolls a gas canister at Fung which is on fire, blowing him up where he slowly burns to death


-2 Vietnamese thugs were ambushed and dragged aside during the raid, their fates were unseen although they are most likely killed.
-Panther snipes a stack of oil drums, causing a huge explosion that blocks a few police cars from chasing after Fung’s getaway van but didn’t seem to kill anyone.