Ghostly Bus (1995) Body Count Breakdown

Ghostly Bus [Gui Ba Shi] (1995) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Michael (Simon Yam) – 4 kills
Chor the driver/exorcist (Yeung Ming Wan) – 1 kill
Leon (Po Tai) – 1 kill
Andy (Hark-Fung On) – 1 kill


Failed Escape – 1
-Andy leaps off a bridge to escape from the triads, only to unintentionally land on his head and breaking his own neck

Tragic Flashback – 19
-5 people on the top of the double-decker bus is crushed when it hits a set of cement pipes
-The reckless bus driver is impaled through the eye
-12 corpses seen in aftermath
-Ling is seen dead from the crash

Triad Confrontation – 5
-Michael cuts down 3 triads
-Leon slash 1 triad’s neck
-Leon is shot by a triad, he later succumbs

Attack of the Vengeful Spirits – 7

-1 triad gets his soul sucked out by one of the two spirits
-1 triad gets his neck cut by the other spirit’s claws
-3 more dead triads seen, killed off-screen by the spirits
-Leon vanquish the first vengeful spirit with a charm
-Michael set the second vengeful spirit’s mortal body on fire, thereby destroying its soul