Warriors: The Black Panther (1994) Body Count Breakdown

Warriors: The Black Panther [Hei Bao Tian Xia] (1994) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Black Cougar (Alan Tang) – 43 kills
Chen Ren (Simon Yam) – 35 kills
Mo Po/Black Jack Lover (Tony Leung Ka-Fai) – 72 kills
Chin Chin (Brigitte Lin) – 34 kills
Robert Parkinson (Dick Cheung) – 4 kills
Bloody Wolf (Yuen Wah) – 8 kills
Madame Rose (Carrie Ng) – 3 kills
The Master (Fong Pao) – 5 kills


Ambush – 28
-Cougar shoots 8 thugs
-Cougar shoots 4 more thugs while sliding
-Cougar eviscerates 8 thugs with his blade swipe
-Cougar cuts 2 thugs sliding down ropes towards him into half
-Cougar binds up 6 thugs and knocks them into a resorvoir pool; in the following confrontation Wolf sets the resorvoir’s surface alight despite knowing they’re still in it and most likely killing all of them. Shared

House Assault – 61
-Mo Po shoots 3 thugs
-Chen Ren decapitates 1 thug with his throwing cards
-Chin Chin hits 1 thug in the neck with her cane, breaking it
-Rose slash 1 thug’s neck
-Chen Ren kills 3 thugs with throwing cards
-Chen Ren kills 3 more thugs with throwing cards
-Parkinson blows up 4 thugs with his Chi blast
-Chen Ren cuts down 1 thug
-Chin Chin slashes 7 thugs
-Chen Ren executes an explosive attack with his card trick killing 7 thugs
-Mo Po shoots 8 thugs
-2 more thugs are killed, but because of the angle their killers are unseen
-Chen Ren’s wall of cards suplex move kills 15 thugs
-Chin Chin disintegrates 5 thugs with her Chi
-Chin Chin impales 5 more thugs with her spreading sword

Flashback – 22
-The Master stabs 5 thugs with chopsticks
-The Master is shot by an unseen assailiant, which is later revealed to be Wolf
-Cougar shoots 2 thugs
-Wolf shoots 2 thugs
-Cougar shoots 1 more thug up the flight of stairs
-Cougar shoots 4 thugs in corridor
-Cougar shoots 1 thug from up close
-Cougar guns down 6 thugs with dual pistols

The Grand Finale – 92!!!
-Mo Po blows up 6 thugs
-Mo Po shoots 12 thugs
-Chin Chin kills 3 thugs with her Chi blasts
-Chin Chin slashes 1 thug
-Chin Chin kills 2 more thugs with her Chi blast
-Mo Po shoots 7 thugs
-Mo Po blows up 11 thugs
-Mo Po blows up Chu’s helicopter killing its pilot (Chu leaps off in time)
-Chin Chin cuts down 10 thugs with her Chi blade
-Chen Ren kills 4 thugs with throwing cards
-Mo Po mows down 23 thugs with his HMG
-Rose stabs Twin 1 through the throat with her flail
-Rose decapitates Twin 2 with same
-Mo Po blows up the courtyard, killing 10 thugs in it
-Mo Po delivers an explosive-laden basketbll towards Chu blowing him up

Black Cougar vs. Bloody Wolf – 1
-Cougar stabs the Cougar blade’s tip through the ground, causing a chain of massive explosions that vaporizes Wolf and engulfs the entire place in a massive fireball