Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead (1995) Bodycount Breakdown

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead (1995) Body Count Breakdown by Rutledal


Mister Shhh (Steve Buscemi): 9
Critical Bill (Treat Williams): 2
Jimmy ‘The Saint’ Tosnia (Andy Garcia): 1
Eldon ‘Pieces’ (Christopher Lloyd): 1
Montirez Brother (Danny Romo): 1


Just An Action, Its Not A Piece Of Work: 2
-Critical Bill stabs Bruce in the throat, multiple times
-‘Pieces’ shoots Meg in the head

Make It Quick: 1
-Mister Shhh shoots ‘Pieces’ in the heart

AKA His Dick, Uncle Salty: 5
-Mister Shhh takes out 5 of Baby Sinister’s people

20 Minutes to Die: 1
-‘Easy Wind’s body seen, killed by Mister Shhh

Ugly, Tatooed and Sliced: 1
-‘Franchise’s body seen, killed by Mister Shhh

I Am Godzilla! You Are Japan! : 2
-Critical Bill gut-shoots Mister Shhh with a shotgun
-Mister Shhh shoots Critical Bill in the heart

Sticking It To The Man: 1
-Jimmy ‘The Saint’ stabs Bernard and let’s him bleed out

Dead In Denver: 1
-Jimmy ‘The Saint’ is gunned down by the Montirez Brothers


-Mister Shhh punches a thug in the throat, but he appears to live
-Baby Sinister take two round in the shoulder, but seems fine
-Critical Bill is seen punching a dead corpse, but he was dead from the start