The Substitute (1996): Body Count Breakdown

The Substitute (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Bodycountman)


Jonathan Shale/James Smith (Tom Berenger): 9
Joey Six (Raymond Cruz): 9
Hollan (William Forsythe): 6
Rem (Luis Guzmán): 5
Principal Claude Rolle (Ernie Hudson): 2
Wellman (Richard Brooks): 2
Jerome Brown (Sharron Corley): 1
John Janus (Willis Sparks): 1


Drug Deal: 3
-Joey shoots the 2 dealers in their boat
-Hollan shoots Bull

Ocean: 1
-Marvin is blended in the boat propeller’s blades by a thug offscreen

“I’m just doing you a favor”: 1
-Rolle shoots Sherman

Apartment: 5
-Shale shoots 1 thug through the gift box
-Shale stabs 1 thug in the throat
-Shale shoots 2 more thugs
-Jerome shoots Lacas

School Firefight: 26
-Rem shoots the sniper, causing him to fall off his tree
-Shale shoots 2 mercenaries
-Rem shoots 2 mercenaries
-Joey shoots 5 mercenaries
-Joey blows up 2 mercenaries with an RPG
-Hollan’s booby trap on the drug cache blows up 2 mercenaries
-Hollan shoots 2 mercenaries
-Wellman stabs 2 mercenaries
-Janus shoots Wellman
-Shale shoots Janus
-Rem blows up himself and 1 mercenary with a grenade
-1 mercenary shown dead on the stairs, killed by Shale
-Hollan shoots Johnny Glades
-Hollan dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Rolle
-Shale kills Rolle with an upward palm strike to the face


-3 members of Shale’s team — Stark, Westlake, and Rudy — are mentioned dead during the Cuba operation on a news broadcast.