The Siege (1998): Body Count Breakdown

The Siege (1998): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


FBI Agent Anthony Hubbard (Denzel Washington): 2
Major General William Devereaux (Bruce Willis): 1
Agent Frank Haddad (Tony Shalhoub): 1
Samir Nazhde (Sami Bouajila): 1


Middle East: 2
Driver and passenger in the car shot by Devereaux’s men

Bus Bombing: 12
6 passengers and the driver are seen in the bus before it explodes
6 more exit the bus as it explodes

Apartment Ambush: 3
SWAT team kills 2 terrorists
One of the terrorists accidentally shoots one of his own

1st Building Bombing: 1
1 visible body (Many are mentioned as killed but an exact mentioned number is never listed or given)

School held hostage: 2
1 dead body seen in the video surveillance
Hubbard kills the Islamic hostage-taker

2nd Building Bombing: 7
5 people seen before the bomb in the van goes off
2 contained body bags seen

Garage/Car Repair Shop: 5
One of the workers arms a grenade killing himself, three other workers and 1 FBI agent (Not the Army’s kills despite their helicopter launching missiles at the building shortly afterwards)

Interrogation Room: 1
Devereaux kills the innocent terrorist suspect off-screen

Mosque Stand-Off: 2
Samir shoots Elise/Sharon
Agents Hubbard and Haddad both shoot Samir


It’s unknown how many died in the first building explosion.
The second building is mentioned as killing over 200 but once again it’s off-screen and the exact tally is not shown or recorded