Shooter (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Shooter (2007) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Gunnery Sergeant Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg): 39
Special Agent Nick Memphis (Michael Pena): 15
Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara): 2
Michailo Sczerbiak/Michael Sandor (Rade Serbedzija): 2


Africa: 10
-Swagger snipes 4 Ethiopian soldiers in separate trucks (gunner and driver each)
-Swagger snipes 1 jeep driver
-Swagger snipes another gunner
-Swagger snipes the Ethiopian commander
-Donnie is killed by helicopter gunfire
-Swagger snipes the helicopter’s rotary blade, causing it to crash and explode, killing its 2 pilots

Assassination: 1
-Ethiopia Archbishop Mutumbo is sniped by Sandor

Conspiracy: 1
-Officer Timmons is shot by a gunman

Lake: 3
-Swagger snipes Russo, Simmons, and Davis

Leverage: 1
-Kate shoots 1 mercenary

Woods Assault: 35
-Swagger stabs 2 mercenaries
-Swagger strangles 1 mercenary to death
-Swagger shoots 1 mercenary
-Sandor shoots himself
-Swagger shoots 2 commandos
-Memphis blows up 4 commandos
-Swagger shoots 6 more commandos
-Memphis blows up 9 commandos with napalm
-Memphis snipes the lead commando
-Swagger shoots 1 commando
-Memphis snipes another commando
-Swagger snipes a fuel tank, blowing it up and incinerating 2 commandos in the blast as well as a helicopter, causing it to crash and explode, killing the 4 commandos onboard

Rocky Mountains: 4
-Swagger shoots 3 snipers
-Sarah shoots Payne

Revelations: 9
-9 dead African villagers shown in photo

Cabin: 5
-Swagger kills 1 of Meachum’s bodyguards and throws him through the cabin ceiling
-Swagger shoots Johnson
-Swagger shoots the second bodyguard
-Swagger shoots Dobbler
-Swagger shoots Meachum