Sniper 3 (2004): Body Count Breakdown

Sniper 3 (2004): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger): 13
Detective Quan (Byron Mann): 5
Paul Finnegan (John Doman): 3
Thailand Punk: 2


Hotel/ Street Chase: 1
Thailand punk shoots a hooker

Vietnam Flashback: 8
Beckett snipes 5 Vietcong
Finnegan shoots 3 Vietnamese soldiers (2 shown off-screen but heavily implied)

Night Club: 5
Thailand punk slit a minion’s throat
Beckett snipes 2 guys
A Thailand female police officer shot by thugs
Quan shoots a thug in slow motion

Forest Return: 6
Beckett kills 2 thugs sitting in a tree
Quan shoots 2 guys
Beckett snipes a baddie while sitting on the ground
Quan shoots a retreating thug

Cave: 4
Beckett shoots a guy
Beckett beats a guy to death with his sniper rifle
Quan stabs a machete-wielding thug with a pole
Beckett snipes a henchman in his hand causing him to shoot Finnegan in the head (Beckett’s kill since he shot first and made the henchman’s firearm go off)


It’s mentioned that Finnegan killed the photographer in the tunnel but there’s no body shown so it doesn’t count.

An explosion erupts in the jail cell scene but since it’s not clarified whether or not it claimed any lives and it didn’t look fatal, I’m excluding it from the breakdown.