Sniper 2 (2002): Body Count Breakdown

Sniper 2 (2002): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger): 9
Cole (Bokeem Woodbine): 4
Sophia (Erika Marozsán): 2


“They’ve Spotted Us”: 1
Target sniped by Beckett

Trolley Chase: 3
Beckett shoots at the gunner of the Jeep causing the gunner to shoot both drivers thus causing the car to crash & explode on impact

Jail Break: 8
Beckett snipes a car causing it to explode and kill 2 henchmen nearby
Cole uses a guard as a body shield causing another to shoot the guard to death (not Cole’s kill)
Sophia shoots a driver
Beckett snipes another driver
Sophia shoots a foot soldier
Another good guy shoots 2 soldiers

Tank Ambush: 1
Tank Gunner kills a good guy

Forest firefight: 5

Cole shoots 3 masked men (who can’t hit the right side of a barn)
Beckett snipes a henchman
Cole surprise attacks a guy

Silent Duel: 2

Sniper kills Cole
Beckett headshots the sniper


Beckett shoots a few guys at the start but it’s a training simulation.