Sniper (1993): Body Count Breakdown

Sniper (1993): Body Count by ArnoldVoslooT800


Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger): 7
Richard Miller (Billy Zane): 2


First Hit: 2
Beckett snipes the target
Beckett’s spotter shot by enemy sniper

Helicopter Ambushed: 4
1 pilot and soldier shot by Panama trooper
Panama trooper and Helicopter Gunner kill each other

River: 3
One dead body found early in the scene
Beckett shoots a Panama soldier
Villager’s dead body seen after ensuing gunfight

Forest Duel: 1
Beckett gets revenge on the enemy sniper

Abandoned Church: 1
“Contact” dead body seen with bullet in his eye

Dictator’s Palace: 3
Raul Ochoa shot by Miller
Beckett knifes and beats the snitch with his own rifle
Beckett escapes and shoots a soldier

Jungle Melodrama: 1
Beckett snipes another Soldier

Tortured/Escape: 2

Miller snipes Beckett’s target
Beckett kills a foot soldier while holding a gun in his broken hand