Sheena (1984): Body Count Breakdown

Sheena (1984): Body Count by Kooshmeister


Sheena (Tanya Roberts): 3
Prince Otwani (Trevor Thomas): 2
Colonel Jorgensen (John Forgeham): 1
Chief Haromba (Oliver Litondo): 1


Echoes Do Kill People: 2
-Philip and Betsy Ames are killed by a cave-in

Grizzie’s Last Meal: 1
-Grizzard takes medicine poisoned by Otwani and dies

A Toast to Die For: 1
-King Jabalani is killed by a crossbow in a trap laid by Otwani

Gone Far Ahead: 1
-The Shaman dies from injuries inflicted on her by the prison guards

There’s Danger: 1
-A lion kills a soldier

Prickly Situation: 2
-2 soldiers’ bodies are shown; Wadman says they were “dragged through the thorn trees”

One-Way Ticket: 2
-A flock of flamingoes under Sheena’s control attack the helicopter; Zanda falls out and into the waterfall
-The pilot has his eyes pecked out and flies the helicopter into a cliff

Jungle Battle: 18
-A Zambuli warrior is shot by an unidentified soldier
-Jorgensen shoots a Zambuli warrior
-Wadman is hit in the chest with a spear
-1 soldier is hit in the back with an arrow
-Anders is crushed by a giant boulder
-4 soldiers’ bodies are seen, felled by spears and arrows
-2 soldiers are knocked down the hillside by a rain of boulders
-Tiki and another chimpanzee knock a soldier down the hill with a boulder
-A lion kills a soldier
-Tiki throws a grenade which blows up and kills a soldier
-Chango impales a soldier on his tusks
-A soldier wielding a flamethrower is hit in the chest with a spear; as he dies he accidentally turns and roasts one of his fellows
-A Zambuli warrior impales a soldier with his spear

For Z’Kuru!: 1
-Chief Haromba sticks his spear into Jorgensen’s throat

Desert Chase: 1
-Sheena fires an arrow through Otwani’s windshield, killing him


-Several guards at the Tigoran prison are attacked by Chango the elephant, but I doubt they died, even the guy Chango picks up with his trunk and tosses.
-The soldiers attack and lay waste to a village but this is shown from afar and we don’t see any corpses.


NOTE: Although it doesn’t appear as if every single one of Otwani’s soldiers dies in the jungle battle (particularly the guys knocked down the hill by falling rocks), Sheena insists to Vic Casey at the end, “They’re all gone. Dead.” I’ll take her word for it.